Richie the Dewott

Richie Riker is a sixteen year old Dewott, the protagonist of Richie's Rage, who resides in the Atlantean Pokeuman Base. Not long after he escaped from psychological torture in the form of a Pokextinction Base with Jake, a young Charmander also captured, he was found by PRT members Clay and Stella. Richie has made relations with these three Pokeumans and the Base Leader, Zephyr.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Richie seems to be your average Dewott with no special physical markings or accessories except for the scowl he wears so often.


Richie used to be a fun loving kind of guy as a human, someone who would trust you as soon as he looked at you, but something in him changed when he was kidnapped and he became distrusting and cynical. He shows a soft spot for kids, Jake especially, and he hates bullies though his preferred way of settling conflicts is physically.


  • Razor Shell*
  • Ice Beam*
  • Whirlpool*
  • ???*

*Denotes moves that have not been seen in the story yet

Role in StoryEdit

Richie has not had any role in any story besides Richie's Rage to date.