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*Warning this page contains MASSIVE spoilers!

It's HIGHLY recommended you don't read parts relating to Ch's you haven't read yet*

This page is a listing of all the currently released chapters of Pokeumans Sparkler & Jack's Ordeal, and info on each one. The chapters listed are in uploaded order (as that's the recommended reading order for the stories) and the info for each chapter is hidden in a spoiler box as to make it less likely to read spoilers for parts you haven't read yet. That said it is still recommended you read ALL the currently released chapters of both stories before reading this page as the chapter info contains references to events taking part in different chapters. If you want more info on the Sparkler & Jack's Ordeal stories themselves without the risk of massive spoilers, see the Jack's Ordeal / Sparkler story page instead.

[Info coming soon... after someone figures out how to get these sopler boxs to work]

Sparkler Ch. 1Edit

Sparkler Ch. 2Edit

Jack's Ordeal Ch. 1Edit

Jack's Ordeal Ch. 2Edit

Sparkler Ch. 3Edit

Jack's Ordeal Ch. 3Edit

Sparkler Ch. 4Edit

Jack's Ordeal Ch. 4Edit

Sparkler Ch. 5Edit

Jack's Ordeal Ch. 5Edit

Chapter Unreleased

Sparkler Ch. 6Edit

Chapter Unreleased

Sparkler Ch. 7Edit

Chapter Unreleased

Chapters Unreleased