Starr Lovita
Starr as she appears in the Pokeumans poster.


The Original Story

First Appearance

Pokéumans chapter 1 "Transformation"







Along the way I bumped into a female Lucario and she dropped her books. "Oh man, I'm really sorry!" I dropped down and helped her pick up her things. "Don't worry about it," she said.

She looked at my arms. "You're a Lucario huh? Well congratulations, I look forward to seeing you in battle class." She winked at me and walked away, leaving me blushing. Then the strangest thing happened. I think I was hearing her thoughts because I clearly heard her voice in my head saying I think he's kind of cute." -Pokeumans Chapter One (by pokemonmanic3595)

Starr Lovita is a female Lucario, protagonist for the Original Series by Brandon Chan, and a potential love interest for Brandon in-universe. Starr fought in the mission to recover the Gemstone files, a valuable folder containing as-of-yet unknown information.

Starr bunks with her two roommates and close friends Brandon and Mike in Room #448.

Personality Edit

She is an intellectual who likes reading, but this doesn't detract from her social abilities. This has lead to her developing a friendly and caring personality, bonding most with her roommates Brandon the Lucario and Mike the Ditto, though she dislikes the latter's pranks.

Role Edit

She has a younger brother named Ryan, who was brainwashed by Pokextinction, though he was later retrieved from them. This lead to her forming a particularly large hatred for the organization. She entered a tournament once after the recovery of the Gemstone files, but was eliminated in the semi-finals. Though it has not been confirmed, it is quite obvious that there seems to be a romantic relationship developing between her and Brandon.

Moveset Edit

  • Dark Pulse
  • Aura Sphere
  • Bone Rush
  • Drain Pulse

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