Syran is a Zoroark, and is very skilled at creating illusions. When asked about whether he prefers being a Zoroark or whether he'd want to be something else, he said: "Zoroark is awesome. The illusions are fun, I'm taller than I used to be, and I scare the life out of bullies. Why would I want to be anything else?" He stands about six feet tall, which is slightly taller than normal for a Zoroark, but he uses his extra height to his advantage.


Syran is rather secretive, which shows in public because he prefers to use the name 'Phantom' in public. He is very reluctant to talk about his past, and is extremely protective of his younger brother, James. He is close friends with Tobias, because they have similar habits, and similar secrets. He has a dark side, and rarely shows it, but when he does, his personality changes completely. He becomes an unstoppable being, something akin to a force of nature. The only time he has shown this side of his personality is when the bullies messed with his younger brother, which in his words "is a mistake that will get you killed or worse. No one messes with my brother and gets away with it." His personality shift is due to something called a berserk gene, which strengthens him far beyond normal levels, massively increasing his strength and endurance, while also intensifying his emotions, which has led to him controlling his emotions to such a degree that he appears emotionless.

Other Information:Edit

Syran is currently trying to form a group within Long Island base that will act as a first responder force in rescue situations aboveground. The name of the group is currently unknown, although rumors are spreading around the base that the 'Dark Wolf Renegades' are an unstoppable force. He is friends with Tom and Tyler, twin brothers who are Pignite and Servine respectively. He has a suit of armor that he made with help from Tobias, as the armor was Tobias's idea. Along with Tobias, is currently on a top-secret mission.