The M.S.N gang is a group of bullies of the Long Island base. It consists of Scott the Electabuzz, Milton the Skuntank and Nat the Weavile. The name "MSN" is derived from the first letter of their names.


The M.S.N. gang is ruthless, imtimidating, uncaring and also stupid. Scott the Electabuzz is the leader of the group, and Milton and Nat are his henchmen. How they became friends is unknown but for some reason they stick together. However, it is revealed that Nat was bullied by Connie and Patch. Millton and Scott defended Nat. Even though Scott would abandon his friends when the going gets tough, Milton and Nat are blindly loyal to him. The gang's favorite victims are newcomers and Pokéumans who are shorter than them, whether it is verbally, emotionally or physically, they will bully them to no end.

Though they are decent battlers, the M.S.N gang is frequently getting their butts kicked. Many Pokéumans have defeated them in battle. They are also very stupid as they never learn from their mistakes and get their butts kicked over and over again. Their one worst fear is Asula, who usually exposes them to her violent temper. It is said they know the interior of the detention room better than their own room. The M.S.N gang currently resides in Room #558.

Known MovesEdit

  • Scott: Thunderbolt, ThunderPunch, Low Kick, Shock Wave
  • Milton: Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Poison Gas, Shadow Ball
  • Nat: Ice Shard, False Swipe, Fury Swipes, Beat Up