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Time Gears are items of importance that appear in Aura_Knight394's Pokeumans. They work and appear just as

they do in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.

History Edit

While raiding a Pokextinction base, Xander discovers an HTML file, and sends it to himself in a private browser session. When the raid was done, he called Andy the Lucario to his office, where it is revealed that a new project Pokextinction is taking on is to find Time Gears to gain control over space and time. He sends Andy, Claire the Braixen, Westley the Dewott, and Josh the Weavile to find them. So far, they have collected seven.

Mechanics Edit

Time Gears work just like they do in the Mystery Dungeon games. They control the flow of time for the general area they are in, and removing them will stop the flow of time. However, if a Pokeuman whose species are in good control of aura, i.e. Lucario or Togekiss, uses it to extract the gear, it can be removed without halting the flow of time.

Location Edit

There are eight Time Gears in existence, each are in a hidden part of the world blocked by Pokemon abilities that cannot be penetrated by human means. Each Time Gear is also protected by a guardian, which is a legendary Pokemon that provides a challenge for each visitor.

So far, there are eight locations of these gears:

  • Pole of Inaccessibility, Antarctica (Kyurem)
  • Ballarat, Australia (Groudon)
  • Mt. Elbrus, Russia (Heatran)
  • China (Unknown)
  • London (Unknown)
  • Maldives (Kyogre)
  • Skellig Michael, Ireland (Rayquayza)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah (Deoxys)

Trivia Edit

  • Time Gears have faint auras, but with a Time Gear charm they can be concentrated to a trail.
  • The entrances to the areas are usually restored by the guardian when the challenge is over, win or lose.
  • To secure the Time Gears after collection, Andy puts them in a carrier that blocks the Time Gear's aura, effectively making it harder for anyone to find them.
  • The exact locations of the Time Gears located in China and London are unknown, as Pokextinction got them first before being stolen by Andy and his friends.
  • The legendaries guarding the gear seem to be in a trance-like state when fought, and don't recover from them until beaten by the challenge.
    • Kyogre is the exception, as it was going through a massive freakout when realizing what has been going on with the other legendaries and from how it's "trapped" in the cave.