Tobias Granden is one of the protagonists of Pokeumans.

Epic dewott


Tobias is a seventeen-year-old Dewott, and by appearance, completely normal. He is, in truth, far from it. He is about three feet tall, which is a little above normal for a Dewott, but far shorter than he was as a human. When asked how he feels about being so short, he answers, "I like it. A small target is harder to hit." He uses the two shells on his legs expertly, combining martial arts knowledge with an understanding of basic anatomy to deliver crippling blows in every battle.


Tobias has an outgoing personailty, and he'll help anyone who's down. He does not tolerate bullies, and has started dealing with them whenever he catches them in the act. He's one of the first to help someone, and he doesn't really care what the problem is. He is very protective of his best friend's younger brother, and taught this to some bullies in a very direct way. He also enjoys spending time in his room, working on personal projects. His most recent one was building armor, which was a major success.

Other InformationEdit

Tobias has an interesting moveset. It consists of Close Combat, Razor Shell, Aqua Jet, Air Slash, X-Scissor, and Freeze Bolt. He has several Aqua Jet secondary moves, specifically Counter Shield and Ice Aqua Jet. His best friend is Syran, a Zoroark who prefers to be called 'Phantom' in public. His girlfriend is Ember, a nineteen-year-old, telepathic Ninetales. They have been in trouble more than once for ignoring class to have a telepathic conversation. His other close friends include Tom, a seventeen-year-old Pignite, and his twin brother Tyler, a Servine of the same age. He is very protective of Syran's younger brother, James, and will not let anyone bully him and get away with it.