Tony the Treecko








Alex, Mika, Lance, Marisa, and some others


The Keiyo Series

Debuts in

Chapter 1: First Day

Tony is a Treecko that is usually calm and him, along with his family, all transform into Pokéumans mysteriously.


In both forms, he wears a red shirt with blue pants and orange shoes.

In her former human form, he had black skin with black hair. But now he's a green Treecko.

Noticeably, in his Treecko form, he keeps his clothes, but all of them are torn/stretched.

How it beginsEdit

Tony is usually calm and collected, compared to Alex and Mika, who worry a little too much when something paranormal happens. Because of this, when he sees that his bare feet are Treecko feet after accidentally getting his ball in mud and having to go in it and take a shower, he tries much as possible not to let the others know. This doesn't last long when after a close call with Pokextinction, the three realize all of their skin colors has been distorted to a Pokémon's.

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