Tyler Keith is a character in the main Pokeumans fic as well as the spinoff "Pokeumans: Austin's Story". His creator is tmk0009 on DeviantART. Tyler is a 16 year-old shiny Azelf that currently resides in Room #449 of the Long Island base with his rooomates Austin the Umbreon and Bear the Riolu.

Tyler Keith
Tyler Keith


Main story, Austin's Story

First Appearance

Austin's Story chapter 1




May 26


Long Island Base room #449


Not much is known of Tyler's background. He is known to have arrived at Long Island base prior to the arrival of Austin Keith. The two have been discovered to be very distantly related. As a battler, Tyler is almost as strong as Austin, and has upstaged the Umbreon a time or two.


Tyler is your standard shiny Azelf, except for the fact that he has green eyes. His ability is Levitate.


Tyler is a happy go lucky kind of guy. He's generally very cheerful and accepting, but if you get on his nerves it'll take a lot to get his respect back. He's a big wrestling fan, and never misses an episode of RAW, SmackDown or TNA iMPACT. In battle he likes to outdo his opponents by using mixed in wrestling moves to throw them off.


An Azelf Pokeuman?Edit

Back in Ancient times when Pokemon still llived in the real world, Azelf fell in love with a human woman despite legendaries not getting involved in the conflict. The others made him return, but not before he had two sons. This put Azelf's gene into the pool, making Tyler what he is today.

Other HistoryEdit

Little is known about Tyler's specific history other than that his mother was his only direct relative.

Roles in StoriesEdit

Main StoryEdit

Tyler appears as Austin the Umbreon's best friend, and battles Brandon on one occasion. It is rumoured that his involvement will increase in the future.

Austin's StoryEdit

Tyler appears as the roomate and best friend of Austin the Umbreon, the protagonist. Tyler appears in every chapter and is Austin's most trusted friend.


Friends and FamilyEdit

Love LifeEdit

Tyler is not in a relationship as of the most recent chapter, but it is known that he has a crush on the legendary Pokemon Mesprit.



  • Aura Sphere
  • Flamethrower
  • Psychic
  • Shadow Force

It is rumored that Tyler actually knows more than 4 moves.


  • Psycho Boost*
  • Fire Punch*
*rumored to still be used on rare occasions