Tyler is a Zoroark who first discovered his changes occurring in his hair when getting out of the shower. He then found his brothers coming home from school to reveal their changes to him too. Tyler knew of Pokeumans on deviantART, and therefore thought he knew what was going on. He hid for two months, continuing to live his human life using illusions to evade Extinctionist detection. He was eventually found out however, and after a short spell at a Pokeuman village he now resides in the Toronto Pokeuman base.

Description Edit

Tyler looks like any other Zoroark, the only difference being that he keeps an illusion up for his hair to seem shorter so it resembles a stiff, short ponytail sticking out from the back of his head. His regular hair is still there, just invisible, which he uses to his advantage as an unseen storage unit.

He can use his moves in many different ways due to his autistic brain being different in physical structure, allowing him to perform permanent excavation with Dig, lengthen his claws or make shadows creep along the ground to hurt his opponent with Shadow Claw. His Shadow ball turns from a hadoken-like projectile to one/ several that is/are telekinetically controlled. He can also form Night Daze into grenade-type projectiles or controlling the shape of the dark energy burst.

Moveset Edit

  • Night Daze
  • Shadow ball
  • Shadow Claw
  • Dig

Role in Stories Edit

Tyler is the main protagonist of Blade of Illusion. The story follows him throughout his transformation and subsequent life.

Trivia Edit

  • Tyler enjoys pranking people, especially with his brothers
  • Unlike many Pokeumans who have lost much in their life, Tyler considers himself to have breezed through the experience without much loss.
  • He aspires to join his base's Digital Defense Force.