Vanessa is the personal assistant and secretary of Headmaster of the Lower Mainland Pokeuman base, Norman the Snorlax. She is also known for bossing people around on "Headmaster Norman's behalf".

Physical DescriptionEdit

Vanessa is slightly bigger than the average Swalot, and she wears a pair of custom made robotic arms connected to a robotic arm ring.

Move SetEdit

Vanessa's moveset is currently unrevealed.

Role in storyEdit

So far Vanessa's only appearance so far has been in Ch. 2 of Sparkler where she was introduced as Headmaster Norman the Snorlax's personal assistant.

Personality TriviaEdit

Vanessa can be very condescending and manipulative when she wants to. She has been known to flaunt the power that comes with being the personal secretary of the Lower Mainland Pokeuman base's Headmaster on several occasions. She is also known to be very bossy and rude to most people she knows with an attitude of "I'm the boss and I don't care what you think just do what I tell you to". She doesn't seem to have any respect for anyone except for herself and MAYBE Headmaster Norman.