Wesley is a 13 year old from Georgia that transformed into a Zoroark. When he was captured, he was taken from the state of Georgia to New York's Long Island where he lives now. His father is an extinctionist, who he wants to destroy. He has the sharingan of the uchiha clan, ninja skill (taught by his ancestor Rachel), and he is trained in advanced swordsmanship. He lives in room 592 with Zoria, another Zoroark.

Physical Description

Wesley is the size of a normal Zoroark. He wears a Naruto head band that was given to him by his ancestor, as well as dual swords. Unlike normal Zoroark's his eyes are green when normal. When he activates his sharingan his eyes are red with a black pattern. He used to wear a necklace, which was given to him as a symbol of friendship by his friend Austin, Wesley later found out Austin was an extinctionist and had to kill him. After that he stopped wearing it.

Personality Edit

Wesley is a type that when he sets his mind to it he doesn't give up. He loves to meet new people and make new friends, but is sometimes kind of shy due to being bullied as a kid for 5 school years straight. He hates all that bully due to his past. He often can make smart comments and random moments. Since his worst subject is math he often falls asleep in it. He has AD-HD, which really helps in battle. When his friends are injured or in need of help he will try to help in almost anyway. He used to be a go with the flow kind of guy until he found out about his dad, he is now more serious, focused, and trains everyday.

Move Set

  • Shadow Claw
  • Shadow Ball
  • Roll Out
  • Close Combat
  • Night Daze

Role in story

He has no role in the main story of Brandon. He did make an appearance in Tobias's dark path chapter 1 in battle class.


Wesley's fifth move Night Daze was created via an elixir he made in class.

  • It is also noted that he can use any jutsu move.