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Westley the Dewott


15 (Birthday: September 7th)

Blood Type:

A Positive


Hiking, acing a test


Math, Pokextinction

Home Base:

Salt Lake, Utah


Chapter 4

"Hey! What are you doing here?"

A Dewott came out from under the bunk beds. He had some kind of goggles on, and a huge dust bunny in his hand.

"I just came to my room after Xander sent me here. Room 538, right?"

The Dewott nodded. "That's this room! I guess you're our new roommate now, huh? My name is Westley, but you can just call me West."

West the Dewott, otherwise known to friends as 'West', is one of the protagonists in Aura_Knight394's Pokeumans. He, along with roommates Andy the Lucario and Claire the Braixen, as well as basemate Josh the Weavile, have been sent around the world by their headmaster to collect the Time Gears before Pokextinction can get them.

Personality Edit

West is a bookish student that always tries to exceed at whatever intellectual challenge may be thrown at him, effectively making him the smarts of the Time Gear retrieval team. Despite this, he loves going outside and being active, especially hiking.

What makes him unique is how he battles. Rather than use the natural moves of a Dewott, he instead prefers to use special tools and weapons that can up his game in battle.

Role Edit

In Aura_Knight's story, he is one of the main protagonists. He's traveled with his friends to find the Time Gears and save the world.

History Edit

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So far, the only thing known of West is that he cleans under the bunks. When Andy walks in, he is at first startled, but quickly warms up to Andy while they are exploring the base together.

He is hanging out in the room with Claire when Andy shows up, after going on a PRT mission, and presents them the idea of going out to find the Time Gears. He exuberantly agrees, and so they set out on the quest.


Moveset Edit

As described above, West prefers to use his weapons rather than his moveset. However, he does know two moves:

  • Water Gun
  • Hydro Pulse

Trivia Edit

  • West and Claire have defeated the Elite 4 of the base, but for bragging rights.
  • The author has shown interest in writing a side story to delve deeper into the backstory of West and the other protagonists.
  • His love for hiking is shown in Chapter 24, when he recognizes Mt. Elbrus easily and his excitement for seeing it, earning a tease from Josh.